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WhatsApp Marketing Program Features

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Since past few years, WhatsApp has grown into a reforming communication tools, and it is literally tough to find its non-users even in small cities. Today on an average 1 Billion messages are shared between WhatsApp users each day. Due to this significance of the application, it has developed into a great marketing tool as well.

Awesome Features

  • Create your own campaign
    Why depend on anyone when you yourself can create your own marketing campaign? Import your contacts and get started.
  • Fast delivery
    Easy to share information or content with thousands of users at just single click.
  • Zero limitations
    Reach your audience sending images, videos, audios, long texts, which are highly convincing.
  • Low cost
    With it being highly affordable, both big as well as small business organizations can benefit from it.
  • Manage your contacts
    You’re at freedom to import your contacts to our WhatsApp marketing application.
  • Better reach
    Even millions of people could be reached in literally no time at all.
  • Instant feedback
    With fast feedback it is easy to measure results and work towards the betterment.
  • Easy implementation
    Need to start a new campaign? No worries, just import your contacts and you’re ready.
  • Higher return on investment
    Conveying information to customers will make them greatly knowledge about your services that will directly lead to higher sales