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SMS Marketing Program Features

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Even though WhatsApp marketing is coming around as most effective mobile-marketing technique, the relevance of SMS marketing can’t be denied. The truth remains that even though a large number of people carries smartphones today, but not everyone owns it, whereas, it is nearly impossible to find someone without mobile-phone. Hence proved, the reach of SMSes is much higher, than email marketing as well as WhatsApp marketing, as even the non-internet users, which are still high in numbers, can be reached through an SMS.

Awesome Features

  • Send as many messages
    Facility of sending single as well as bulk messages, as per the requirement of the organization.
  • Better reach
    Easy to reach targeted audience through personalized messages which have great convincing power.
  • Low costs
    The cost is relatively less than other traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail, newspaper and TV commercial.
  • Faster delivery
    Just a single click is needed to deliver a message to thousands of audience.
  • Reach non-internet users
    Audience which can’t be reached through WhatsApp or Emails, can be informed through SMS.
  • Contact list easily imported
    Very easy to manage the contact list, which can be easily imported.
  • Real time delivery
    It ensures that messages reach the audience right on time.
  • Easy to handle
    It takes lesser time to initiate a SMS campaign in comparison to other marketing campaigns
  • Increase your sales
    Updating your audience timely about your product and service will eventually lead to higher sales.