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SMS Marketing FAQ's

  • I need to know some great benefits of SMS marketing?
    SMSs sent to customers are short and precise, hence they have higher significance and the information is too the point. Besides mobile is the best means of reaching large number of people. Its reach is better than email, text messages, and other marketing tools.
  • Will you assure that the messages sent will reach instantly?
    Yes, the messages sent to the customers get delivered immediately, but sometimes due to poor network connection, it may take some time.
  • Is there a limit one has to go by while sending SMS to the customers?
    Our system allows sending 120 characters at a time so this is the limit for the SMSes in the campaigns designs by us.
  • Do your services support all cellphone networks?
    Yes. We deliver messages to every network nationwide.
  • Is there any limit of the messages I can send while utilizing your services?
    No there is no limit. However, as per the best marketing practices it is advised to send only one and two messages in a week, so that your customers don't complain of too much interference.