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Email Marketing Overview

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In the presence of modern marketing tools, the traditional tool i.e. email has not still lost its sheen. Trendy tools like social marketing and mobile marketing are everywhere, but most organizations go by the effectiveness and reliability of Email Marketing.

With the strong presence of content marketing approach, email has become the most powerful tool today one can think of. Sending a newsletter, special offer, an invitation, email marketing is the apt way to convey the message and make your business thrive.

Be it Email campaign management or lead generation, our Email marketing application is the right means to stay connected with the customers, as the emails go directly to the inbox, sans any spam hoax. It enables you to send and share personalized messages, giving a new edge to your business, and keeps you ahead of your competitors.


  • Import contact
  • Choose template (Predesigned or customized)
  • Draft message and insert it
  • Send it


  • Fast delivery
  • Inbox delivery
  • Better reach
  • No limit for campaigns

What makes the services provided by InteractGuru exclusive in this arena?

InteractGuru provides Email marketing services ranging from creating, designing and executing email marketing campaigns. In all, we provide everything to the business organizations, in regard of the email marketing requirements.

Today most business enterprises are implementing the email marketing services, and it is all due to the several benefits offered by it, such as affordability, accessibility, user-friendly and its effectiveness.

We provide

  • Easy Contact Management
    Simply import all your contacts and see them and conversions at one place so that information can be easily and effectively shared.
  • Ensures Inbox Delivery
    Managing user engagement and delivering relevant content is the key to inbox delivery and we stick to it
  • Thousands of inbuilt Email Templates
    Choose from the predesigned templates or get your own customized one as per the requirement of your marketing campaign. Get custom images, styles, merge tags, html code, etc.
  • Proper Analysis
    Gives unambiguous vision of the key metrics riding your business, allowing you to examine and better the implementation.
  • Real time monitoring
    Follow-up analytics is required for successful email marketing campaign; hence we timely monitor the tactics
We provide 24/7 support to our clients, both in terms of technical and creativeness, and deal genuinely with every of their requirements.