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InteractGuru API

With our InteractGuru API, we enable you to access data and get familiar with the InteractGuru Email, SMS and WhatsApp marketing services. With its easy development process, you can very well create InteractGuru marketing campaigns, as well as uploading and managing contact list is extremely effortless.

You get direct connectivity with core features through the programming languages, as well as our API allows the marketing campaigns to be initiated from various applications. Through our customizable services, we adjust as per your requirements, hence making it easy for you to manage campaigns.

Awesome Features

  • Manage contacts
    By uploading the desired contact list you can initiate the campaign quite well.
  • Fully customizable
    We treat you as special and work on your individual needs, so our customizable API will benefit you in every way.
  • Faster implementation
    Our API executes in a faster manner for new and custom functionality.
  • Meets web standards
    With our API meeting web standards, there is slight need of technical expertise to ensure campaign’s success.