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SMS Marketing Overview

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Leveraging SMS Marketing is essentially favorable for almost every business today, as it enjoys the widest reach with virtually everyone carrying cell phones today. So if you leverage this commanding marketing tool, your reach will be subsequently better as it allows you to be in touch with the customers as well as prospects, hereby ensuring higher conversion rate.

With our SMS marketing application we empower you to be the king of your marketing campaign as from importing the contacts to drafting a message, everything will be processed by you so there is no scope of miscommunication and right message will be delivered to right audience without any delay.

Draft your message and get started by sending the message to your audience. InteractGuru’s cost-effective and wide-ranging SMS marketing services enables you to convert leads into customers as the techniques are extremely simple that they can be processed even if you lack great computing skills.


  • Initiate your own campaign
  • Import unlimited contacts
  • Draft your own relevant message
  • Send message


  • Higher reach
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to execute
  • No limit for contacts